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This invention is copped sintered and alloyed frictional material that can stably apply very strong braking strength. Traditionally asbestos was used for a frictional material that to brake is used for linings or clutch facing; however causes great braking strength and its use is prohibited over the world because asbestos pollution is causing serious lung cancer. Semi-metallic materials such as the compound material with plastic or resin is mixed with metallic powder is emerged. However it has several problems even though it is superior to asbestos, it does not provide sufficient braking strength required for on heavy machinery, plane, train and etc., it conspicuously deteriorates in water and oil, and it is unstable due to change of temperature such as frictional heat.

Metallic frictional material sintered and added steel bearing ally to carbon is emerged. Its braking strength and heat stability is superior to that of semi-metallic frictional, but that is not remarkable and it is very expensive. Thus it is not profitable because of low cost-to-capacity rate and has the disadvantage that it is only used on a limited use. Copped sintered and alloyed frictional material solves the technical problems described above and is very economical. It has great braking strength and heat stability and its capacity deteriorates quite a little in the water and the oil condition. The composition of Copped sintered alloyed frictional material is confidentiality.

The sphere of application

Since copped sintered and alloyed frictional material is very stable in the temperature (frictional heat) and the environment (in the water and the oil condition) and provides high frictional factor per unit area, it can be used for braking device of huge powder-driven machinery(heavy machinery, plane and train), which used to be impossible for former frictional material and is highly efficient in stability. And it has many merits that with the excellent suitability with the opponent frictional material it doesn`t damage the opponent frictional material, make unpleasant frictional noises and stenches, and it prevents asbestos pollution that has caused very serious environment problem