It is a way of producing products that put metallic powder into a mold and compacting with press and then sintering below the melting point. KPM has manufacturing machinery parts and impregnated bearing

1) Powder metallurgy can be omitted additional machining because it has more precise degree other than manufacturing methods
2) It does not need to heat up to the melting point in manufacturing process
3) Material designing is easier than others.
000It can produce compound metal which cannot be manufactured fusion method
4) Powder metallurgy can makes porous metal materials
5) It is possible to make products having self-lubrication characteristic
6) It can have uniform quality the shape and dimension and good surface in 000one LOT
7) Surface hardening, heat treatment, and steam treatment can be applied
000to sintered parts
8) It is economical for large-scale production
9) Be able to deal faster to modification for a plan of the mass production
10) Heavy investment in plant and equipment is required for press and
000sinter furnace

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