Company Korea Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.
President Kwang-Ho Song
Established July 6th 1967
Location Main company/factory/research institute attached to our company :
1025, In-ju industrial park 1, Geolmae-ri, Inju-myon, Asan-si,
  Chung-nam, 336-831 Korea
Branch sales office : 993-1, Wolbaig-Ri, Buk-Hyun, Changwon-City
Tel/Fax Main company/factory : Tel +82-41-538-3800 Fax +82-41-538-3815~6
Branch sales office: Tel +82-55-299-4812~3 / Fax +82-55-299-4816
Employees 172
Plottage 10,000 (Building area : 5,400 )
Production Sintered product for automobile (passenger car, commercial car)
engine/transmission, Air conditioner, Air compressor
and industrial machine
Customers Automobile Industries: KIA Motors, GM DAEWOO Motors,
Household appliance industries : SAMSUNG Electronics, LG Electronics
Particular Technical cooperation with HITACHI Powder Metallurgy Co.,JAPAN
For the first time in Korea, We have developed core part for a powder
steering pump and developed valve seat for LPG E/G.
Also, KPM developed Sprocket-C/S used silent chain DPDS and it is
now being produced